Tigerfang was a large, muscular dark brown tabby tom with long claws and amber eyes, similar to Tigerstar. He was born in the time of Flamestar's leadership (Flamestar was the leader of TunnelClan long before Gingerstar, Vinestar, and Oakstar led the Clan. He was leader when the first Jayfrost was alive), and became power-hungry and ambitious gradually. He entered apprenticeship already strong and powerful, and soon began to lust for more power. When he became a warrior, his thirst for leadership and power led him to lead a group of rogues into the camp, and a battle broke out, which resulted in the Clan's triumphing and the rogues' fleeing. When Tigerfang had an inkling of suspicion that Flamestar suspected him, he crept into the medicine den where Flamestar was recovering from his wounds - he was now on his final life. Tigerfang ambushed him and slit his throat, but the struggle attracted the 15 or so cats who were outside the den (including Jayfrost and his brother Dewdrop's mate Jumpfoot - Tigerfang had murdered Dewdrop in the rogue battle without Jayfrost's knowledge) toward Tigerfang. Tigerfang was then mobbed and attacked by the cats - he could not hold his own against them, powerful as he was, and he was killed that night; no one knows exactly which cat struck the blow that killed him to this day (some suspect Jayfrost). Flamestar died of his wounds the following day.


Tigerfang, upon death, went to the Dark Forest. He met Bloodbath shortly afterwards and lay in wait for many moons for another opportunity for power. The time came at last when the second Jayfrost, then an apprentice, discovered a glowing, transparent green stone near the falls leading to the river running through TunnelClan territory. He learned that he could fire blasts of "energy" from the stone, and began to add it into his fighting techniques, which were already superb. He then went to the Moonpool with Gingerstar, the current leader, as a guard. In their dream, Jaypaw's deceased father's friends (Flamestorm, Leafpelt, and Tidepool, Vinestar's future mate), including his mother Jewel, came to him and told him to wake up and save himself and Gingerstar from the pursuing darkness - that darkness was Tigerfang and Bloodbath coming with a band of warriors to kill Jaypaw and take his stone. After Jaypaw and Gingerstar escaped, the other four warriors were attacked, and all were supposedly killed by Tigerfang except for Tidepool. Jaypaw rushed to the warrior's den and saw Leafpelt's corpse, alongside Jewel's, in the warrior den. Though Tidepool was alive , Jaypaw found Flamestorm's body mysteriously gone (the rest of this story will be covered in a different article). Moons and moons later, when he was a warrior, Jayfrost encountered Tigerfang and Bloodbath in the forest. Jayfrost wounded Tigerfang and killed Bloodbath, and, seeing that he probably would not win, Tigerfang fled. Shortly afterward, Jayfrost and a patrol faced Tigerfang in the woodland territory near the river. Jayfrost then chased Tigerfang down and, trapping him in a ditch, killed him by using the Stone to blow a hole in his neck.

It has now been discovered that any cat who is killed by the Stone, alive or already dead, a fragment of their spirit will rest inside the Stone, and will be released permanently when the Stone is destroyed until killed. Their reach outside it is limited while the Stone still exists - Tigerfang is now hoping to become free and have his revenge on the cat who now possesses the Stone... Jayflight.

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