Vinestar was a leader of TunnelClan directly preceding Oakstar, who was followed by Goldenstar, the Clan's current leader. He was a muscular brown tom with leaf-green eyes and sharp claws, and a slightly elongated tail. He was calm in most situations, but in certain events that frustrated him he would lose his temper on occasion. He was the mate of Tidepool (sister of Flamestorm, Leafpelt, and Rockpaw, who were all kits of Dewdrop, the first Jayfrost's brother, and Jumpfoot; she had three kits with Vinestar: Branchfall, Silvermoon, and Alderwind); the names of his parents are not known. He also had a younger brother, but his name is not given and it is unknown what happened to him. In the light of his kits growing up and starting families of their own, he began to look after the second Jayfrost after he (Jayfrost) had lost his father and mother while still an apprentice. This bond caused him to accompany Jayfrost on a perilous journey, from which Vinestar would return but was also ultimately the event leading to his death.


Vinestar was born as Vinekit to two unnamed cats in the time of Flamestar, the leader before Gingerstar (who was the leader Vinestar served as deputy under). He became apprenticed to a warrior named Whitestripe, who taught Vinepaw much. Vinepaw became a respected warrior known as Vinetail a few moons later, and was then voted for deputy by the Clan under Gingerstar. Vinetail and Gingerstar respected one another and most of their decisions; they did not, however, get along very well, due to Gingerstar's eagerness to make a choice immediately, whereas Vinetail was more cautious. After Gingerstar died, Vinetail became Vinestar, and Oakfall (later Oakstar) was elected for his deputy. Vinestar lived his lives in relative peace until he was on his last life.


Though he was warned against it, Vinestar decided to accompany the second Jayfrost, along with a group of other cats, on the journey to the old SkyClan camp in the gorge, despite only having one life remaining to him. He survived the journey along with Jayfrost and some of the other cats that had gone on the journey (upon returning to TunnelClan for a day after the journey, only one of Vinestar's three kits remained alive: Branchfall, his eldest son, who was killed in the ensuing battle). There was a battle in the meadow territory, which was near Twolegplace, below the Clan's forest territory on the following day. Vinestar and Jayfrost led the remaining cats from the journey and a few other TunnelClan cats into battle, followed by Sleet and the Twolegplace spy network, which Vinestar's old friend-turned-kittypet Cloudswirl had set up to monitor rogues, loners, groups of cats, and any other things that might be a threat to the Clan's safety; the Clan would be warned if a threat was near. The network would also defend the Clan territory if needed. The Clan cats and the spy network met Venom, Bloodlust, Bomb, and the rogue faction of the Dark Forest in battle. Many casualities were suffered on both sides - many of the spy network, including Sleet, were killed; the network split up and retreated after the battle was finished and won. When Vinestar, Oakfall, Jayfrost, Windfall, Branchfall, and Snowfall were cornered by Venom, Bloodlust, and Bomb in a smaller deserted glen on the edge of the meadow. Jayfrost slit Bomb's throat upon sight, and then a fight broke out. Though Windfall and Snowfall began to climb a tree to get the drop on their enemies, Venom leapt up and broke the branch that they were standing on. Venom killed them when they hit the ground - after this, Vinestar and Jayfrost began to fight Venom, while Oakfall was dueling Bloodlust. Venom slashed Vinestar's neck and threw him against a tree, and with his last breath told Jayfrost to 'kill that fox-heart for me'.

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